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Field Report of Dinah Hase

Dinah comes from Lübeck, which is in Gemany. She is a student since October 2014 and describes her first semester in Schmalkalden as following:

"My master in International Business and Economics started in October 2014. I already knew the university from my bachelor in the same subject. There I already experienced a multicultural environment with different lecturers from Germany and from abroad. But what waited for me in October surprised me and exceeded all my expectations. I met people from round about thirty different cultures from all over the world who are now my fellow students. It is very interesting to engage in intercultural communication and interaction. This is also reflected in the lectures we attend. The discussions in the lectures on some topics can become heated debates because of the multicultural atmosphere which gives an impression of the different cultures and views. The supply of lectures also gives a wide range of topics where everyone can find interesting subjects which fit their needs. Beside our German professors we also had a visiting professor from Australia who also gave an interesting insight in the teaching and learning methods of Australian universities. Until the end of the semester we had to choose partner universities for our exchange semester which is planned for the 3rd semester. Our university has a big network of partner universities where we can choose from. This gives everyone the possibility to study in a country which fit their needs and dreams. In conclusion I can recommend the master in international business and economics in Schmalkalden because of the multicultural atmosphere and therefore the interesting lectures and interactions." - Dinah Hase (21.01.2015)

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